Online Marketing for Artists: Using Twitter for Business

You've probably heard of Twitter, but you might not be aware of how to use it in online marketing for artists. On Twitter, you have 140 words to share as much information as you can, and it’s easier than it seems.  There are some great reasons for using Twitter for business, and there are also ways that you should post to maximize its potential.

First, and foremost, Twitter is a social network, much like Facebook.  You follow people, write messages, and post links.  When you're ready to start using Twitter for business, you can follow some people that you know — friends, family, and crafty people, and in most cases they will follow you back.  From here, you can meet new people through their Twitter pages and begin creating a large list of people to follow who will, in turn, follow you.  It’s a great way to make new friends while building business relationships in the craft community and it’s easier than sending an e-mail.  You can break the ice by sending a quick hello and build a relationship from there.  

Once people are following a business's Twitter account,  how can Twitter help with online marketing for artists?  You have a very limited word count to say everything you want to say.  Look at Twitter as a mini blog.  When you blog, you want to share information and make your posts interesting, not just about you and your business.  The same goes for Twitter.  

The easiest way to start using Twitter for business is to tweet a link to an interesting article that you’ve found.  It could be about anything, craft-related or not.  A delicious recipe, gardening tips, anything that is informative will be valuable to your followers.  Once in a while you can tweet a link to your blog when you have a new post up, but you don’t want to always make it about you.  

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Twitter is also a good place to share time-sensitive events.  If you’re going to be at a craft show this upcoming weekend, tweeting about it can get the word out quickly.  People won’t read your blog every day, so Twitter can keep your followers informed about upcoming events that they might not get a chance to read on your blog.  Other time-sensitive tweets could be about a one-day only promotional sale in your shop or a discount on shipping for the next two hours.  

Using Twitter for business is free and easy to use.  Gaining friends and business relationships is a great reason to join.  Make your posts interesting and informative and your followers will always be checking in to see what you have to say.  If you tweet great deals for your customers that will guarantee to get the traffic flowing to your shop!

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