Beyond the Tweet: 4 Additional Ways to Use Twitter for Business


On average, people post a total of around 58 million Tweets per day on Twitter. That’s about 9,000 Tweets per second. That’s a lot of competition for  a person’s attention. If most of your followers don’t follow too many people, you have a good chance of being seen. But if you’re trying to reach those influencers who follow more than 1,000 people, your message is going to get buried in less time than it took you to write it.

So how does a solopreneur stand out in a loud and prolific crowd? By using a few techniques that go beyond the standard Tweet.


Use the Extended ReTweet Feature

Twitter recently launched a new feature that allows you to add your comments to a ReTweet without counting the original Tweet as part of your character limit. Now you can have a real conversation with the original Tweeter and your followers. To use this feature, you must be on the actual Twitter app, not Hootsuite or other third party app. Find the Tweet you want to repost, click the reTweet button and fill in your comment in the blank box. You still have to stay within the Twitter character count but the ReTweet goes along for free.



Twitter created lists as a way to organize the people you follow into groups so you can quickly review batches of Tweets. But lists are also a great way to network because people feel honored when you place them on a cool list. For example; if I build a list called Groovy Artisans and put you in there with people you admire, you’d probably check me out and follow me back.

You should also look at lists created by other people you admire or your competition. View the list in “member” mode and you have a hand-selected group of Twitter users that you can easily follow with just a few clicks.



Vine is a Twitter companion app that you use to create six second, looping videos. You can loop anything from your dog jumping up and down to your latest artistic creation. If you want to shoot a static object, turn it into a stop motion video like these from Artlust.

Clever Vines can go viral and that's a lot of new eyeballs on your business. If you're really good at it, creating Vine videos for other artists could become your new business!



Periscope is a new Twitter companion app that lets you broadcast instantly to people all over the world. Think of it as YouTube live. Press the button and you’re on the air. The app sends a message out over Twitter so all of your followers know you’re live.  Teach a quick class. Show off your goods or just connect with people. It’s all good branding for your business.



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