• Build a Blog

    An artist blog is a great way to get the word out about your handmade products. A blog provides customers a glimpse into your life and helps them feel a personal connection to your work. Learn how to create a blog and create meaningful content. Tips shared here will help keep your artist blog interesting, fresh, and full of engaging posts.
  • Creative Business

    Many creative business owners find the business side of art dull, tedious, and maybe even a little scary, but managing your company's money doesn't have to turn into a chore. Here, we've shared tips from the experts on handling the business side of art, from accounting basics to financial software solutions, without losing your mind.
  • Creative Entrepreneur

    You can find creative inspiration just about anywhere if you look closely enough. Sometimes, staying inspired can seem difficult when when you're running an indie business, even though you love what you do. When you feel the well running dry, check out our creative inspiration resources for artist communities, handmade blogs, and online eye candy.
  • Creative Marketing

    Marketing for artists has become faster and easier than ever. Free sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest allow makers to share their work with the world and put their products in front of as many potential customers as possible. Our section on marketing for artists will show you how to get the most out of online marketing opportunities without feeling like a sleazy used-car salesman.
  • Customer Service Tips

    You probably don't run your creative business like a big corporation. But artists still need to learn how to give great customer service, or else they won't stay in business for long – unhappy buyers tend to talk about their bad experiences! This section will show you how to give great customer service whether you're resolving a buyer's complaint, communicating your store policies, or simply helping every shopper feel special and cared for when he or she visits your store.
  • IndieMade News

    What's happening at IndieMade? Check out our IndieMade News posts. We share website builder new features, partnerships and customer stories.
  • Product Planning

    Making art for one's own enjoyment is a labor of love for many creative types, but making crafts to sell demands equal parts inspiration, efficiency, and business sense. Here, you'll find ideas for sourcing great materials at the right price, narrowing your niche, and developing a pricing strategy when you're making crafts to sell.
  • Selling at Fairs and Festivals

    We'll help you succeed when selling at craft shows, whether it's your first time exhibiting or you have hundreds of craft fairs under your belt. The DIY display ideas will turn your booth into the snazziest spot at the show. We share tips on everything — from rocking your next show application to choosing the right event — to make selling at fairs both lucrative and fun.
  • Selling Digital Goods

    Earn more money by selling what you know. Learn how to sell digital products from home. It's simple to sell pdfs, mp3s or even videos via your website. We have laid out simple strategies to get you started selling downloads.
  • Selling Online

    When you sell crafts online, customers can't touch your work or look at it in person – they rely on your photos and item listings when deciding whether to buy. This section will show you how to stand out when you sell crafts online with compelling product descriptions and photography that catches potential buyers' eyes.
  • Selling Wholesale

    When you sell your product to stores, you open up a whole new income stream to complement your online shop and in-person art shows. Approaching brick-and-mortar venues can feel intimidating when you're just starting out. Our tips on wholesale and consignment will help you find stores that fit your niche, learn the best way to approach store buyers, and understand the contracts and paperwork involved when you sell your product to stores.
  • Website Portfolio

    One of the most effective ways to market your business is to create a website gallery. Your image gallery allows you to tell your story using images. Learn how to create a gallery and use it to share past projects, studio images or sold works.