Website Settings

The website section includes information that helps in the branding and operation of your IndieMade site.


Click on the website tab and go under settings. Enter your basic information, including your site’s name (which will appear as the title of all web pages), your e-mail address, a slogan or tagline, and a footer message, if desired.

Select your local time zone in the Locale section. 

website settings page

Google Analytics

To activate Google Analytics for your IndieMade site, enter your Web Property ID (it will be in the form of UA-xxxxxxx-yy) in the box under "Google Analytics" and hit the "Save Configuration" button. That's it! No need to enter any code, anywhere.

If you are using IndieMade's store feature -- if you're selling products, in other words -- you'll want to enable eCommerce tracking so that you get the most out of your usage data. Follow Google's instructions to turn on eCommerce tracking, but that's all you need to do: just turn it on. Your IndieMade site will automatically send sales information to Google for your later analysis.

(If you do not have a Google Analytics account, go to and sign up for one. It's easy and the site will walk you through the process. You will probably want to enable ecommerce tracking in your profile, so you can analyze products and sales.)

Click the Save configuration button to finalize your changes.