Viewing and Using Reports

We know reporting is necessary to running a successful business. That’s why we’ve created some handy summary views and given you filters so you can customize reports. Best of all, you can export all of your data to a .CSV file!

Finding all of your store’s reporting options is easy -- just go to Store > Reports from your dashboard.

store reports

Sales Reports

You can access your custom sales reports by going to the Custom Sales Summary tab.

custom sales summary

Just select your start and end dates, results breakdown preference, and order status then click Display Report when you're done. You can select multiple types of order statuses by using the Ctrl or Command key. The results will appear on the screen, and you can also export the data by clicking the “Export to CSV file” link at the bottom of the page.

Export to CSV

The Sales Summary tab gives you a dashboard overview of current sales, statistical data, and number of orders by status.

Sales Summary

The Sales Per Year view displays number of sales by month, total revenue, and average order total. You can also hop to a different year by entering in the year and selecting View.

Sales per year

Stock Reports

The stock reports page will show you a summary of your inventory’s stock for the items you’re tracking. 

Stock Reports

There’s also some handy automation that allows you to see what items have a low stock. To set this up you’ll need to add a threshold amount, so that when an item’s stock is beneath the threshold, you’ll be notified on the summary page. You can add a threshold by clicking Edit next to each item, enter the threshold amount, and save changes.

edit threshold

When you want to look at the items with low stock, just check off “Only show SKUs below their threshold”.

Stock Threshold View

Sales Tax Reports

The sales tax report shows you how much your store collected in sales tax. You can adjust the date on the sales tax report to narrow in on specific time periods. Just pick out your start and end dates, statuses, and click Display Report.

sales tax report

Coupon Usage Reports

You can also view coupon usage by date and order status. This report will show you the order number, purchase date, order total, and coupon value.

coupon usage reports

Customer Reports

Your customer report will show total number of orders, products, sales, and average order totals for each store customer.

To change the order of the columns, you can click on the header links to toggle a descending or ascending order for that column. Clicking on a customer's name will take you to a detailed list of orders that customer has made, and clicking on a customer’s username will take you to their account page.

Customer Report

Product Reports

The product report shows each product listed in the store, its amount sold, revenue, and gross profit. Again, you can resort this list by clicking on a column header.

Product report

You can also customize this report by date and order status by selecting the Custom Product Report tab. 

custom product report