Using the Rich Text Editor

You can use the text editor to change formatting and html, add images and videos, set up tables and hyperlinks, and more for every website page and blog post.

Below is an overview of the text editing toolbar:

Text editing toolbar

Most of the options are self-explanatory, but let's go over some of the finer points, shall we?

Insert Image
You can insert images almost anywhere on a page or blog post. For instructions, check out this page. Don't forget to familiarize yourself with our photo sizing tips, first.

Embed Media Content from Various Sites
You can use this feature to embed video directly into a page, blog post, event description, news item, gallery description, or product description. Easy, step by step instructions can be found right here.

Insert Teaser Break
A teaser break allows you to control the amount of text or images that will show up on a main site page. For instance, instead of showing all of your blog posts in their entirety on your blog page, you can insert a teaser break after the first few paragraphs of each post. Then the system will only show an excerpt of the posts on the blog page, with links to the full post. This allows site visitors to browse your posts more quickly.

 How to insert a teaser break 

How is a teaser break different from inserting a horizontal line? Simple: A horizontal line only divides a section of the page or post, but a teaser break controls the excerpts that appear on your main pages.

Anchors make it easier to navigate longer pages by allowing you to link within the body of text. It's a lot like adding a hyperlink, but with one more step.

First, find the section of your page to which you'd like to link. Usually it's something important that a visitor might need to scroll down to see. Insert your cursor at the beginning of that section and click on the "Anchor" icon in the text bar. You'll get a box that asks you to name your anchor. Be sure to use something simple (preferably one word; do not use spaces) that easily identifies the section.

   How to create anchor text   

Next, you'll link to your anchor from elsewhere on the page (usually the beginning). You'll do this the same way you would create any hyperlink: Type the text to be linked, highlight it, and click on the "Link" icon. You'll type in the url of the page and add "#anchorname" to the end.

    How to insert anchor text