Creating Galleries

This short five minute video shows you how to create galleries and upload images to them. Further explanation of the feature is below


To add an image gallery to your site, navigate to content > galleries.

main galleries page


Click + Add a New Gallery; the Create Gallery box will appear. 

Create a Gallery


Enter your gallery’s name in the Title box and any tags in the Tags box. If you’d like to add any extra information about your gallery, type it into the Description box. But don't add your gallery images to the description; you'll do that later. 

Click the “Save” button at the bottom, and you'll see your new gallery shown in the galleries list:

New Gallery


You're ready to populate your new gallery with images. Click Upload Images under your new gallery and the page Upload Images will appear. Use the Choose File buttons to browse your computer and select images for your gallery (you can upload up to five images at a time). Click the Submit Images button to upload the images to your gallery.

upload gallery images

After the images have uploaded, you will be able to rename or caption them, as well as click and drag to arrange them in a different order. You can also delete an image by checking the box on the far left under the “Delete” column. To choose a cover image, just select the radio button next to the image in the left.

Click the “Save” button to affect your changes.


If you would like a gallery image to have the ability to redirect the page, simply paste the desired URL into the URL box beside the photo (as shown above). This is often used to direct users to the product page on your IndieMade site of the given image, however you may redirect it to any desired page.

Your IndieMade site will take care of the rest, including building thumbnails, generating navigation, and so on.