Adding and Editing Pages

This section explains how to add, edit, delete, and reorder pages in your IndieMade website.

In your dashboard, go to the content tab and choose pages.

pages main

Shown here is a list of the current pages on your site. (Although every piece of content added to your site -- a blog post, or a product, or a news item, or whatever -- gets its own HTML page, the items you see in the pages section are the pages that can appear by themselves in navigation.)  System-generated pages, like for your store or your galleries, appear in the list as well.

You can change the order in which the page links appear by dragging and dropping with the cross icon in the left-most column. You can also drag from one region to another -- for example, to move a page link from primary navigation to the footer, so it appears at the bottom of your site. If you don't want the page to appear in navigation at all, drag it down to the Do Not Display in Navigation region 

To temporarily hide a page from the public, just click on the visible button all the way to the right. Click again to make it visible again.

Under each existing page are links to view the page on your site, edit the page to make changes, or even to delete the page.

If you still have room in your tier for new pages, a link reading Add a New Page appears at the top.

Editing a Page

Enter your new page’s title in the box labeled title. Your page content should go into the box with the rich text editor.

Choose the navigation area in which you'd like your page to appear: the Primary Navigation is usually on the top, but sometimes on the side, depending on your theme; but footer is always at the very bottom. You can also elect for it not to appear in navigation at all (you might want this for confirmation pages for email signups or what have you).

add page

Search Engine Optimization Settings for Pages

All the way at the bottom, there's a tab reading Search Engine Optimization. Your IndieMade site will automatically create a <page> title, meta keywords, and a meta description for your page -- but if you want to override these with specific entries for SEO purposes you can do so here.

seo for page

Click on Save to submit your edits. You can click cancel to throw away the changes you've made.