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JoLecia Crowe

Shipping options

Are there any plans to have the ability for the customer to choose different shipping options for example choosing expedited versus standard shipping or having a "pickup in person" option for local customers where shipping isn't necessary. 

For local shoppers especially, having the ability to pick up instead of paying for shipping would be helpful.  I looked into doing a discount code thinking I could set it up to remove an amount equal to the shipping cost, but that's not an option either.  My workaround last year was to set up a "product" which was actually the shipping cost and adding a note in my actual products' descriptions to be sure to add the shipping "product" to the cart if they weren't picking up locally.  Obviously, that's a less than ideal process.

From the comments section in the user guide (under using your store and working with shipping), shipping options have been on the radar for a number of years now though it is already standard on many platforms.  The Indiemade reply to the query was "... we've heard this as a feature request from customers before, and it's definitely on the list! Thanks for the suggestion. we've heard this as a feature request from customers before, and it's definitely on the list!"  That was in 2014.  Any chance this will be happening soon? 

Thanks in advance.



IndieMade Support

RE: Shipping Options.

Wow. Yes we have a very long list!  We have been busy working on our newest version which is actually quite stable at this point.

But In the current version we did add calculated shipping via USPS. But that does not give you the 'pickup option'

This local pickup shipping option gets asked all the time and we will resolve this with one caveat (in the new version).

I would recommend reaching out to support and upgrading to the newest version even thought its currently in Beta we feel it is good enough to start migrating current customers. There is a migration process where you will pickout one of our new themes and your data and products will be migrated. you will have a temporary URL that you can preview and make sure things migrated and your site looks great. Once that is done we'll cut over your live site. 

At that time we will add a setting called 'Allow local pickup' which will simply bypass the shipping quotes. In Addition you can use calculated shipping via USPS to get accurate shipping quotes and also allows your customers to choose the priority.

When ready reach out to and let them know you are ready to upgrade. We feel the new themes and dashboard is amazing and you will really be happy with our hard work.




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