Can you automatically import products from my Etsy store?

Yes, this can save you lots of time. First, download your products in a CSV file from Etsy:

  1. Log into your Etsy store
  2. Go to Shop Settings > Options
  3. Select the Download Data tab
  4. Under Currently for Sale Listings, push the button reading Download CSV

Then, in your IndieMade dashboard, visit store > products and click on Import Products from CSV.  (Are your products one-of-a-kind? If so, check the one-of-a-kind box and it'll automatically be removed from your store when it sells.) Upload your file and IndieMade will take care of the rest. We'll make copies of your product photographs, adapt the description, set the product price, and so on. You'll have a fully stocked store in only a few minutes.

We'll also automatically categorize your products using the most valuable tags. Sometimes you'll want to rename or delete categories after the import. To do this, visit store > settings in your dashboard and scroll to the bottom to edit the categories.

Finally -- are you on the pro or plus tier? If so, you can "link" these products to your Etsy store. Read this handbook page for more info.