Confused by SEO? Start With These 3 Easy Fixes

google search
Google is just like you. They want to present internet denizens with the best possible response to their needs as quickly as possible in order to create a favorable impression. A favorable impression means the user will come back again and again because they trust the system. In the past, Google got tricked into serving up all kinds of spammy content on the first page of search results. Customers clicked, were unhappy with where they landed and they took it out on Google. So Google went to work refining the algorithm it uses to determine the best response to a query and it’s sent quite a few website owners into a tizzy. Let me assure you that everything Google is doing is in your best interest. By eliminating the poor quality sites, they’re making it easier for consumers to find your site – but Google can’t do it alone. You have to prove to the Google spiders that you’re worthy of becoming a first page result.

How to Have a Happy Handmade Halloween

Halloween at IndieMade
Halloween is 42 days away which is plenty of time if you’re a buyer, but it’s a rapidly shrinking doorway if you’re an ecommerce seller. Not really into the holiday? That’s okay, but know this. . . according to the National Retail Federation more than 157 million Americans celebrated Halloween last year with a total spend of $6.9 billion. It’s also huge in Canada and the UK and other countries are catching the spooky bug as well. The average American planned to spend $74 on decorations, candy and costumes in 2015. Want to bet that number tops $100 this year? If you want a piece of that action, you don’t have to give up your current product line in favor of skulls and witches (Unless you want to!). All you have to do is make a few shifts in color and tone and you’ll be ready for those grownup ghoul lovers.

IndieMade Inspiration: Marissa Agnew of Sweethearts and Crafts

Elephant from Sweethearts and Crafts
What other jewelry designers do with clay, wire and crystals, Marissa does with thin strips of paper. Her quilled earrings and necklaces are both intricate and airy. When viewed from a distance, you'd think they were made of more traditional materials but close up you can see the magic. This week, we handed Marissa the mic, so we could learn more about what drives her, what inspires her and why she took up quilling in the first place. Please welcome Marissa Agnew of Sweethearts and Crafts.

IndieMade Site Tutorial: How to Create a Category Index Page

Category Page
As you grow your product offerings, store categories become increasingly important for both organization and navigation. You don't want your customer to have to click through four pages of bracelets when what she really wants is a necklace. Thanks to the category sidebar menu, that is included in any IndieMade theme, your customer can easily locate the category that best suits her needs. The only downside to a sidebar menu is that a lot of people don't take the time to read. Their eyes move too quickly to pick up small text cues and this is an even bigger issue on a mobile device. What they do see are large images. That's what makes Instagram such a grabber or why it's best to include a large photo in your Facebook or Twitter social update.

IndieMade Improvements

Tea and Computer
The way we access the web and shop online in 2016 is very different than how we did it in 2012. Today, more than 50% of visits to US websites come via a mobile device and this year, consumers will spend 1,888 trillion dollars online. Here at IndieMade, we're doing everything we can to make sure your online store is ready for every buyer that comes along. In addition to the upcoming features you see here, we're also working our way through the suggestions you've submitted via email or through our Facebook group. We succeed when you succeed and we hope that these new features will help you reach your business goals in Q4 and in the coming year.

Creative Marketing with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories
Instagram Stories are 10 second videos or slideshows that disappear after 24 hours – yes, just like Snapchat but with one huge difference. With Snapchat, a person has to be following you in order to see your posts, but with Instagram, anyone can find your posts while browsing. That’s why Instagram Stories are a better marketing tool than a post on Snapchat. Before you run off and start filming, there are a few things you should know:

Is Your IndieMade Store Memorable?

Thinking Woman
It’s funny, the things we remember about places we’ve been. We might not remember the name of the place or the street it’s on but we do remember the unusual details – details that make us want to go back for another visit. The same thing happens online. I used to scrapbook and every now and then I get the urge to start again. When I do, I head for that online store with the cherries. I can’t ever remember the name or the URL, but I remember that they used cherries for loyalty points. I pop that into Google and there it is: A Cherry on Top.

How to Catch New Customers with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go
21 million people are playing Pokemon Go on a daily basis making it the biggest mobile game of all time beating even the infamous Candy Crush. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that the average US IOS user spends more time playing the game per day than they spend on Facebook. All of this and the game is less than a month old. How does this tie-in to marketing your business? To figure that out, we first have to understand how the game works and how it differs from your typical mobile game.

3 Reasons Why it Might Be Time for a Business Pivot

Spinning top
I'd like to introduce you to an exciting mobile check-in app called Burbn. Instead of simply clicking a button, you take photos of the bar or restaurant, then share them through the app so all of your friends can live vicariously through you. You have that app on your phone, right? You use it almost every day, right? No? Maybe you know it by its new name - Instagram? That is what's known in the startup world, as a pivot. Of course, not all pivots work out as well as Burbn. Some companies can't stop pivoting and that’s a bad sign for investors. The trick is knowing when a left turn is the right turn versus a turn down a dead end street.